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The Tradition of Wedding Garters

Wedding garters are an ancient wedding tradition that many brides and grooms love to celebrate at their wedding reception. The idea behind the wedding garter is that it is believed to be good luck to receive a piece of the wedding attire. In order not to ruin the bride’s dress they started wearing wedding garters.

In some families the wedding garters are passed down and have special sentimental value. A great way not to lose this special keepsake is to have a wedding garter set. The bride can wear two wedding garters, one to keep and one to toss to the eligible bachelors. This way she still has something to keep and cherish and the bachelors still get a piece of something to bring them good luck.

Some brides also use wedding garters as a way to incorporate the tradition of something blue into their attire. This works wonderfully for them especially if blue is not one of the colors they have chosen to display. No one will see the wedding garter and she will still be wearing the blue in keeping with tradition. There are many options to chose from for you special wedding garters. I recommend considering a matching with two garters to have one to keep and one to toss.