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Iphone Screen Shattered To Bits and Pieces

I dropped my Iphone this morning and my screen shattered. I’ve dropped it plenty of times in the past but I really did it to it this time. Poor thing never stood a chance with me as it’s owner. I even got a protective case for it but apparently ti doesn’t protect the phone from someone who really beats their phone up.

I dropped it awhile ago and it put a teeny tiny little chip in the screen. It was hardly noticeable but I knew it was there and would only occasionally feel it as I would draw my finger tip across the screen. Well, once that little chip or crack was in there, all it took was another big fall to send the screen into bits and pieces or as I like to say smithereens.

The phone still works sort of but I don’t want to put it anywhere near my face or really even touch it. I’m worried it is going to cost me about $150 to repair the screen on it. Maybe I can buy some kind of self repair kit and do it myself for a fraction of the cost. I don’t want to void the warranty though so I’ll wait to see what they tell me it will be and decide from there.