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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!!! I wanted to add a little Christmas cheer to my blog quickly since I’m still awake. Santa just left our house and left a bunch of gifts under the tree for Lady Bug. I know she’ll be really excited to see what she gets when she wakes up. I saw him fill her stocking too! He placed and orange at the bottom of the stocking to fill the toe just like he did in my stocking when I was a little girl. I hope she appreciate this tradition as much as I did growing up. I loved getting goodies but always liked to have a piece of fresh fruit in my stocking.

Santa gobbled up the cookies Lady Bug made for him and he took the carrots with him for the reindeer. Lady Bug will be excited to see everything has been eaten off of her special Santa plate. I better get some sleep before she wakes up and I get no sleep at all. Merry Christmas everyone!

It’s Time to Deck the Halls

It’s time to pull out all of the the Christmas decorations.  I want to put up our tree and decorate the house this weekend and really get into the holiday spirit. I have a bunch of stuff that I got on sale after the holiday last year and have been waiting all year to get it out and enjoy it.

Ladybug is getting older and is really starting to get excited about Christmas and is already asking me about Santa. I should check out our local mall to see when Santa will be there so we can get her picture taken with him. Each year her reaction is a surprise but I’m guessing this year it will be one of glee.

I want to get her one of those chocolate advent calendars so we can count down the days to Christmas with a treat each day Notice I said we. I’ll be getting one for myself too. I deserve to have a tasty piece of chocolate too. I had them when I was a kid and thought it would be a nice tradition to do with her as well.

Maybe we’ll make a paper chain or a paper string of tree lights to count down the days too. I saw a cute idea the other day to make a string of lights out of colored construction paper and green ribbon.  The finished product looks exactly like a string of Christmas tree lights.  As each day passes you just cut off a light until the big day is here. I know Ladybug will have fun with whatever idea we chose to do.  I can’t wit for the weekend to be here.