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A Perfect Evening Outdoors

My next door neighbor invited Lady Bug and I over for dinner tonight. We sat out back in her Adirondack chairs as we watched her husband get the barbecue ready to grill the steaks, and the girls played in the yard. I couldn’t help but admire the lovely bird feeders she has hanging from the patio. They were made especially for hummingbirds. She had two hanging from opposite sides of the patio. It made me think that I would really like to have a few things like this in our back yard. I know Lady Bug would love to watch as humming birds drifted in to our home and then away again.

Once dinner was ready we all sat at the picnic tables she has in her back yard. She has a really cute plastic table for the kids and a metal and wood version for the adults. The tables had pink plastic table cloths taped down protecting them. Everyone found a spot to sit at the appropriate tables and we began to eat.

After dinner, we all walked down to the park. Our kids played on the playground and we relaxed on the park benches. It was a great way for them to burn off their last bit of energy for the day. We enjoyed listening to them laugh and play for awhile and then headed home. On the way back we stopped and picked some flowers in our garden to give to the neighbors as a thank you for such a wonderful night. It really was a perfect evening.

Breakfast in Bed

Today was an amazing day of relaxation. Lady Bug and I stayed snuggled up in our jammies for most of the morning. We ate breakfast in bed. I didn’t make anything fancy. We had a bowl of cereal with a banana and some orange juice. I set our breakfast up on these cute little trays that I picked up at a yard sale. They have little legs that fold down and out to rest above our legs on the bed.  I love them because when we are finished with them they fold flat again and a perfect for storage because they don’t take up nearly as much space.

After we ate breakfast we watched a few more cartoons and then got dressed. I took her to the park to run around and play. She had a huge smile on her face all day! I love days like this.

An Afternoon at the Park

I took Lady Bug to the park this afternoon. She had a blast playing on the playground equipment. She really loved climbing on the jungle gym and going down the slide. The smile on her face was priceless.

I played with her on the swings but eventually she wore me out. I joined another mommy on one of the park benches and kept a close eye on her. She really had tons of energy. I bet she could have played for hours on end if I would have let her. We did eventually have to go though because we were both getting a little hungry and I forgot to bring us a snack.

We headed out after two and a half hours of pure entertainment. I loaded her up in the car and noticed that she left her jacket on one of the picnic tables. I ran back to get it and then we came home. It was starting to get dark. On the way home we saw a few houses covered in Christmas lights. It was a great ending to our afternoon.