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Do-It-Yourself Padded Storage Ottoman

Last night I was watching a do-it-yourself show on the television. The guy on the show was showing you how to make a really neat padded storage ottoman. I love items that you can use to decorate with but also have a purpose like organizing. This ottoman was made with a plastic file crate, plywood, some batting and the fabric of your choice. It looked very easy to put together.

I would love to make a few of these to use in Lady Bug’s room. She can use the extra storage space for some of her board games.  Because she is small they could double as seats. I bet she would want to fill them with her toys and call them her treasure boxes.

Organizing and Sorting Toys and Mail In a New Way

It’s January 1, 2012.  This year I want to be more organized and do more activities with Lady Bug.  I want to get a few new toy bins to sort out all of Lady Bug’s toys.  She has a billion toys and we really need to go through them and donate what she doesn’t play with regularly.  I think I’ll let here keep what ever fits in the new toy sorter we get.  Everything else can go to either Goodwill or a local shelter or orphanage.  I’ve been trying to teach her about sharing and giving to those in need.

I also want to get a place to sort out all of the paper that comes into this house.  It seems like no matter how much I clean off the counter or the kitchen table that there is always a pile of paperwork… bills, junk mail, letters, you name it it’s there in that stack.  Some type of  office filing system is just what I need.   Maybe I can find something I like at Target.