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Gorgeous Metal Accents in the Living Room and Kitchen

Recently, I’ve noticed a trend of using metal tiles to accent your home in decorating. The use of metal in the kitchen is nothing new. Many people have stainless steel appliances throughout their homes. I’m particularly fond of the way stainless steel looks in a kitchen. I like how it looks sharp, clean and cool. For some reason it makes me think things are sterile in a place where I know that’s important.

Decorating with metal in the kitchen seems familiar to me. However, decorating with large metal statement pieces in other parts of the home is a new idea to me. A fireplace covered in stainless steel tiles is eye catching and very breath taking. These tiles aren’t necessarily all perfect square 2″ x 2″ squares either. There are tiles manufactured to look like cobblestones, circles, hexagons, bricks and even mosaics. There really are a lot of choices to pick from.

My kitchen has stainless steel appliances, so I’m no stranger this type of accent in my home. However, I’ve never thought to add metal pieces of accents to other rooms in my home. Maybe this will be a project I might pursue in the future.

Time for a New Waste Bin

It sounds kind of gross but it really is time for me to get a new waste bin. The poor thing looks like it’s seen better days. I have one big one  outside that I fill up and bring down to the curb once a week. Well, actually I have two, one is for trash and the other is for recycling. The two outside are still in decent condition it’s the one I have indoors that needs some work.

I’d like to get the kind that can go under the cabinet. Maybe even something fancy that can roll out. I saw in a magazine the kind that has two waste bins on rollers. If I got something like that I could use one for recycling and the other for the trash. That would make it really easy as I empty the stuff in the the appropriate large bins outside. The thirteen gallon trash bin I have in my kitchen is just soo ugly and grimy looking that I would love to get something hidden away. I  guess I’ll be on the lookout for something like this this weekend.

Making Kitchen Clean Up Easier

So I’m not really the biggest fan of doing all of the work that it takes to clean my kitchen. Don’t get me wrong, my kitchen isn’t a big mess. The reason why it isn’t a big disaster is because I do a little bit of work every day to keep it looking nice. Every day before I go to bed I make sure to wipe down the counter tops, stove, and sink. I also run a swiffer over the floor to pick up and dirt. All of this takes me maybe five minutes tops.

This five minutes of daily maintenance cleaning really makes a huge difference in my kitchen. I know if I didn’t do this daily my stove would be atrocious looking. I’m positive that food would build up around the burners and then I would have to take a chisel to it at least once a month to get it off. This chiseling image is exactly why I always take the extra few minutes before bed to wipe everything down.

Exciting Kitchen Remodeling

My brother sent me some information from an Atlanta Kitchen Remodeling company.  He told me he’s really excited to have his kitchen completely renovated. His wife talked him into ripping everything out and remodeling.  Not only are they getting all brand new stainless steel appliances, but a different layout and more cupboards too.

They are having all marble counter tops installed. This is something I’ve always wanted myself. They will be perfect for food prep and all of the baking that my sister-in-law loves to do.  She insisted on getting marble since the old counter tops were starting to peel up and she didn’t feel comfortable using them as a work surface for food anymore.

I told him that whatever he does make sure they put in a bigger pantry.  The teeny tiny space they have right now to store their food is way to small. I also mentioned that a trash compactor might be something nice to add to the house.  They have four kids and they seem to  help produce a lot of trash.  The trash compactor would really help them not have to empty the trash as often, and have it take up less space of course. I’m sure the kitchen will turn out great no matter what he does with my sister-in-law in charge of most of the design anyway.  I can’t wait to see the final results.

Easy April Fools’ Practical Jokes at Home

April Fools’ practical jokes to do at home are always loads of fun.  Here are a two that you can do around your house.

1. Short sheet: For this prank you are basically making it difficult to get into bed.  Here’s what you do.  Sneak into the bedroom of the person you want to pull the prank on.  Take off the comforter and pillows of the bed.  Next, pull the top sheet off.  Now, take the top sheet and tuck it into the head end of the bed instead of the foot.  Then, fold the end back up towards the top of the bed so it looks like it would if the bed was made normally.  Replace all of the pillows and  the comforter.  When the unsuspecting person tries to climb into bed the short sheet will prevent them from gliding in all of the way.

2. April showers: If your kitchen has a hand sprayer nozzle at the sink this is a really easy prank.  All you need is a rubber band.  Take the rubber band and fasten it around the handle.  This will make it so the handle stays in spray mode.  Make sure you point the sprayer facing out and direct it up.  The next person to use the sink will get a nice shower and a face full of water.