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Easy April Fools’ Practical Jokes at Home

April Fools’ practical jokes to do at home are always loads of fun.  Here are a two that you can do around your house.

1. Short sheet: For this prank you are basically making it difficult to get into bed.  Here’s what you do.  Sneak into the bedroom of the person you want to pull the prank on.  Take off the comforter and pillows of the bed.  Next, pull the top sheet off.  Now, take the top sheet and tuck it into the head end of the bed instead of the foot.  Then, fold the end back up towards the top of the bed so it looks like it would if the bed was made normally.  Replace all of the pillows and  the comforter.  When the unsuspecting person tries to climb into bed the short sheet will prevent them from gliding in all of the way.

2. April showers: If your kitchen has a hand sprayer nozzle at the sink this is a really easy prank.  All you need is a rubber band.  Take the rubber band and fasten it around the handle.  This will make it so the handle stays in spray mode.  Make sure you point the sprayer facing out and direct it up.  The next person to use the sink will get a nice shower and a face full of water.

Hilarious Present Wrapping Video

One of the gals at work showed me a video on our lunch break that made laugh my head off.  It was of Jimmy Kimmel’s Aunt Chippy.  She was doing a how to video on how to wrap a present with style.  I don’t know if they were playing a joke on the poor women or if she really had a bad time trying to wrap the gift.

Through out the video she had issues with scissors not cutting, not once but twice.  She ended up tearing the wrapping paper with the scissors because no one gave her scissors that would work.  She was given double stick tape and the tape kept sticking to her fingers.  She was asked to smile and keep her energy level up the whole time.  She was really frustrated and kept swearing at the director because he was demanding crazy things from her.  I couldn’t stop laughing at all of the things that went wrong.  It made my day and I’m glad she shared it with me.