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A Quick Treat

Lady Bug asked for ice cream when I picked her up today. She was on her best behavior so I decided to treat her. We stopped off at our local frozen yogurt store and each got a tasty treat. I got tart vanilla with raspberries. Lady Bug enjoyed strawberry yogurt with chunks of fresh strawberries.

It not only tastes delicious but isn’t nearly as bad for you as some of the rich ice creams out there. We were both more than satisfied with our delectable selections.

More Tablet Shopping

On my way home from work I today I went back out to test drive a few more tablets.  I really liked that one of  Androids had the capability to watch Flash videos.  This would make streaming video from some of my favorite sites a breeze.  The IPad doesn’t have this feature but it seems so very easy to use that I might just get it anyway.

I’ve been wanting an IPad from the start and think I’m sold on getting the model with 16GB, WiFi only, and black casing.  I don’t really think I’ll need storage space and if I do I can just tether it to my pc and move stuff over, so 16 GB should be more than enough.  The model with 3G  seems like it would be a bit much for my needs.  Most every where I go has WiFi so why should I pay an additional monthly fee for the 3G service? Finally, I want the black one simply because it won’t show dirt and grime  as bad if I get it scratched at all.

I think I’ll bring Lady Bug to the Apple Store with me tomorrow to purchase the one I like the most and then go out for an ice cream treat.