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Mini Flower Pots for Lady Bug

After the big mess with Lady Bug and her attempting to plant a garden in her bedroom on her carpet, I decided that I wanted to help her accomplish her goal of having flowers in her room in a much neater way. This afternoon I stopped off at Target and found some of the cutest little flower pots in the dollar section. I got a few pots with sunflowers and also a few daisies. They are only about 1.5″ to 2″ and I think they will look cute on her windowsill.

Whether or not these flowers will grow is really beyond me. I’m just hoping that it satisfies her desire for growing things in her room without making a huge mess.I also got a cute pink shelf liner that I plan to place underneath all of the little pots on the windowsill so soil doesn’t get everywhere. I’m sure she is going to love them, especially since I also grabbed a pack of pony stickers for her to use to decorate all of the pots.

Grow Your Own Sprouts

Tasty, crunchy sprouts are a delicious addition to salad, and stir fry.  Here is an easy way to grow your own sprouts using glass jars.  You’ll need a glass jar, a mason canning style jar works nicely for this, a piece of cheesecloth,  some sprout seeds, and water.

Place a few spoonfuls of the seeds at the bottom of the jar.  Fill the jar with water about a quart of the way full.  Cover the opening of the jar with cheese cloth and then put on the ring lid to the jar. Let the seeds soak overnight.  In the morning, drain the seeds and rinse them thoroughly two times.  Make sure to drain them well to prevent mold. Shake the seeds around in the jar so they evenly disperse as you lay it on it’s side.

Repeat the rinsing process about every 8 hours. The sprouts should be ready to eat in a few days wen they have grown long enough to eat.  When you see the tail sprout out of the seed they are ready.  To clean off the hulls soak the sprouts in a bowl of water and swirl them around with your hand.  Push the sprouts down and the hulls should float to the top to easily be ladled off. Drain the sprouts and enjoy!

Grow Your Own Potatoes

Potatoes are one of my favorite foods. Today I learned that I can plant and grow potatoes in a bushel basket. I always thought I had to have a big garden with lots of space to grow potatoes.  Two potatoes plants can grow nicely in a bushel basket at about eight inches deep. Potatoes generally like cold so it’s good to plant them early in the year by February. It’s a little late this year as it’a already April.

This might be a fun project to use up some old potatoes next year. I bet Lady Bug would really get a kick out of growing her own potatoes. She loves to eat them already. With potatoes she grew on her own I can be certain that she would he eat tons more.