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A Coat of Paint for a Princess Pony Room

After getting Lady Bug a new furniture and bedding set for her room it just wouldn’t be complete without new paint. I spent the weekend with my neighbor painting and decorating Lady Bug’s room. We emptied the whole room out and put everything in my living room. I laid tarps down to prevent and messes on the carpet. My neighbor worked on taping off baseboards and outlets.

We chose a nice lavender to go along all of the bottom half of the walls. We then painted the top half a medium shade of princess pink. Because Lady Bug’s new theme is Princess Pony I got some wallpaper boarders with both characters. I cut them into sections and alternated them around the room along the paint seem in the middle of the walls. We painted all of the baseboards and window trim white to match the new furniture.

It took us most of the day to do the paint. We let it dry over night. Lady Bug slept in my room on Saturday because I didn’t want her to breathe in all of the fumes from the paint. On Sunday we applied the wallpaper boarders. Once that was set we brought back in the furniture and made the bed. Everything was perfect! Lady Bug had a HUGE smile on her face when she saw her completed room. It feels good to make my little girl happy.

Bargain Price for Bedroom Set

For the past week or so I’ve been working on completely redecorating Lady Bug’s bedroom.  I found a really affordable, white bedroom set for her online in the classifieds.  Some people were moving and were selling a complete youth bedroom set.  I really got a deal.  I got a captain’s bed with the bookcase headboard I was looking for, a six drawer long chest of drawers, and a tall dressers with five drawers.  All of this only cost me $200!  I was thrilled to get this furniture for my daughter.  Even thought it’s used everything is in great condition.  A set like this brand new would be closer to $400.


New Bedroom Furniture for Lady Bug

Last weekend I bought Lady Bug a new bedding set for her room.  Well, I decided that I wanted to completely update everything and give the rest of her room a new look too!  She hasn’t had anything new in her room since she was in her crib.  It’s time for her to have her very own new bedroom furniture set.

I’m thinking about getting her a captain’s bed.  I like the idea of having extra storage without taking up extra floor space.  I also want to get her a headboard with a build in bookcase.  We also have a bed time story so it would be nice to have a few books ready to go each night right at our finger tips.

Her bedding is filled with vibrant pinks and purples.  I can’t decide if I want to get her a white furniture set or something in a natural wood tone.   All of my furniture is in oak, but I think something in white would really make the colors pop.  I guess what it really comes down to is what I can find and at a price I can afford.