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A Perfect Evening Outdoors

My next door neighbor invited Lady Bug and I over for dinner tonight. We sat out back in her Adirondack chairs as we watched her husband get the barbecue ready to grill the steaks, and the girls played in the yard. I couldn’t help but admire the lovely bird feeders she has hanging from the patio. They were made especially for hummingbirds. She had two hanging from opposite sides of the patio. It made me think that I would really like to have a few things like this in our back yard. I know Lady Bug would love to watch as humming birds drifted in to our home and then away again.

Once dinner was ready we all sat at the picnic tables she has in her back yard. She has a really cute plastic table for the kids and a metal and wood version for the adults. The tables had pink plastic table cloths taped down protecting them. Everyone found a spot to sit at the appropriate tables and we began to eat.

After dinner, we all walked down to the park. Our kids played on the playground and we relaxed on the park benches. It was a great way for them to burn off their last bit of energy for the day. We enjoyed listening to them laugh and play for awhile and then headed home. On the way back we stopped and picked some flowers in our garden to give to the neighbors as a thank you for such a wonderful night. It really was a perfect evening.

Mini Flower Pots for Lady Bug

After the big mess with Lady Bug and her attempting to plant a garden in her bedroom on her carpet, I decided that I wanted to help her accomplish her goal of having flowers in her room in a much neater way. This afternoon I stopped off at Target and found some of the cutest little flower pots in the dollar section. I got a few pots with sunflowers and also a few daisies. They are only about 1.5″ to 2″ and I think they will look cute on her windowsill.

Whether or not these flowers will grow is really beyond me. I’m just hoping that it satisfies her desire for growing things in her room without making a huge mess.I also got a cute pink shelf liner that I plan to place underneath all of the little pots on the windowsill so soil doesn’t get everywhere. I’m sure she is going to love them, especially since I also grabbed a pack of pony stickers for her to use to decorate all of the pots.

A Garden on the Carpet

Sometimes I wish my daughter didn’t have carpet in her room. She’s usually very clean and careful with things in her room. However, she does have the occasional accident and messes are made. This afternoon I found a big giant mess when I walked into her bedroom.

Apparently she decided that she wanted to have a garden in her room. She had a bucket full of dirt that she had collected from the backyard and she had picked a variety of flowers from the garden. She was in the middle of planting her garden in the carpet when I found her. She did a very nice job of grinding the dirt into the carpet as she piled it into mounds to plant the flowers. It was cute but cleaning this mess up was not something I was looking forward to. I didn’t panic though because I remembered some tips that my sister had given me when she looked up carpet cleaning when her four year old son decided to make mud pies in the house one day.

I scooped up the big debris the best I could and then vacuumed. She really ground the dirt in so I now have a big brown spot on the carpet where she planted her garden. I feel like being lazy though after a long week I’ve had so, I’m going to call the carpet cleaning guys in the morning. Hopefully, the stain will come out.

Poor Baby Buds

Oh no! The cute little flowers that Lady Bug and I planted a few weeks ago are taking a turn for worse. The poor little buds are starting to droop pretty bad. I’m not sure what is causing them to fall like they are. Perhaps it’s the heat that is getting to them.

I think I’ll try moving them out of her windowsill and placing them on her dresser where it is cooler. Hopefully this helps the little plants and we can save them. Lady Bug will be crushed if they wither and die.

If anyone has any suggestions to save these plants please leave your comments and we’ll try them out an let you know how it goes. We really appreciate your help.

Inspiration From Our Surroundings

Appreciating my surroundings is something I’ve always been taught to do. Sometimes I like to take a drive around the country just to look and see what has popped up around me. Occasionally, I’ll see clusters of new homes being built or even new shopping centers. The Boca Raton Architects have really produced some lovely buildings.

Driving through new neighborhoods and looking at the new homes gives me ideas of ways to add special touches to my home.  Sometimes I might see some neat landscaping out front.  Other times, my eye might be caught by large arch windows.  Most recently, I was excited by a quaint little breeze way at the entrance to a home.  It was a about a ten foot arch with lattice work.  Hanging from the lattice was ivy and some beautiful pink and purple flowers.

I wish I had a grand entrance at the front of my home for something like this.  The lattice work was breath taking.  I suppose I could always add something similar to the backyard and patio, but I really thought it was stunning in the front yard.