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Thank goodness for the Internet

When Aunt Maggie called me in a panic that she needed help to find a printing company near where she lived, it only took a couple of minutes for me to go online and use a search engine to type in the key words “print services in new york” and find several places that were within an hour’s drive of her house. I sure wish Aunt Maggie would get with the program and get a computer and Internet service! I love her dearly, but sometimes it is annoying how helpless she seems to be!

Family Night

Today after I got home from work we had family night. I mean we usually spend time doing things together every night but tonight was special. I got out some of Lady Bug’s favorite games, popped some popcorn, and made some yummy hot chocolate.

We played three board games for youngsters and then watched Tangled. Lady Bug loved to sing along with the movie. She ran to the kitchen and pulled out a silicone spatula to use as a microphone. It was absolutely adorable.

I hope we can do this more often. Both of us enjoyed ourselves and had a terrific time.

Thanksgiving Celebrations

Lady Bug and I had a fabulous time at my parents’ house this weekend for the Thanksgiving holiday. We ended up bringing the cute little Oreo Cookie Turkeys and deviled eggs.  Lady Bug helped me with both.  Lady Bug wanted to eat most of the ingredients to the turkeys but I managed to get her to assemble them.  I told her once we brought them to nana’s house she could eat a few more.

We had a full house this weekend.  My parents’ hosted 30 people for Thanksgiving.  Before we had our big meal we all went around the room and shared one thing we were thankful for.  I always cry when I hear some of the things people mention for which they are thankful.  Lady Bug said she was thankful to get to help mommy make the turkeys and deviled eggs to share with everyone.  It was really cute and sweet all at the same time.

After everyone ate we enjoyed some coffee and sweets and played a few board games.  That’s always one of my favorite parts of the holidays.  I love just sitting around and playing a game or two with my family and friends.  We had a fantastic Thanskgiving this year!

Thanksgiving Preparations

This year Lady Bug and I are visiting my parents for Thanksgiving.  I want to bring something festive to eat and share with our family and friends.  I’m not sure if I want to do a dessert or a side dish.  My mom always has the best pies and I don’t know that I could really compete with her.  I thought about making cute little Oreo Cookie turkeys and having Lady Bug help me put them together.  I’m  pretty sure she would have a ball putting them together with me.

I bet the turkey treats would get gobbled up quickly, especially if I tell everyone that Lady Bug helped me make them all.  Every one loves a cute little kid and anything they make.  I think I just might do that.  If something better comes in to my mind I might add it along.  Deviled eggs are always tasty and easy.  I could always bring them too.

No matter what we bring I’m excited to see our family and hope that everyone has a very happy Thanksgiving holiday.