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Getting Rid Of Clutter In My Home Office Desk

My desk has been a mess and filled with clutter. Not your typical mess with plastic wrappers and coffee cups all over the place but a mess with items I don’t need taking up all of my valuable work space. I cleaned out all of the drawers in my desk and I ended up throwing away two big bags of trash or things that I didn’t need anymore.

I found old receipts from grocery shopping, rebate receipts, old coupons, and soo many pens that wouldn’t write to save my life it wasn’t funny. It always drove me nuts to grab a pen and not have it work. I don’t know why I would put it back in the drawer instead of throwing it away. Well I got rid of every pen that didn’t work, every highlighter that was dry and every pencil that kept on breaking. I actually have space in my drawers now it’s amazing.

I think my favorite part of all is now that there is space I am really actually excited to sit down at my desk and do more work. It’s nice to sit here and enjoy my cup of coffee on my nice clean desk. Why didn’t I do this sooner? It’s a big weight lifted off my shoulders and I’m loving every minute of it.