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Keeping Things Clean

Keeping surfaces in my home clean is important to me.  I’ve noticed that I use at least one big container full of those big disinfectant wipes a month.  I like to wipe down every surface at the end of the day.  I don’t want anything yucky growing where my daughter might touch.  Well really I don’t want anything growing in my house period, unless I plant it of course.  I’m happy that I can buy these wonderful wipes in bulk at my local club store.  I don’t know what I would do without them.

Get Rid of Ink Pen Stains

Having a young child in the house means lots of laundry and the potential for hard to remove stains. Probably one of the most common stains I’ve dealt with is ink. Lady Bug loves to draw. She got a hold of an ink pen and drew all over herself, her shirt and out living room recliner. I wanted to freak out and almost lost my mind when I saw what she did.

I was worried that her clothes and the furniture were ruined. I called my mom and asked her what she suggested I use to get it out. I always call my mom for things like this. She seems to have the answer to anything that needs to be cleaned. She told me to use hairspray. I sprayed it on the ink areas and let it sit for five minutes then I threw her shirt in the washer and it came out.

For the chair, I sprayed it with he hairspray and let it sit. I took a clean cloth and blotted it up. It came out easier than I expected. I’m soo happy to have a genius for a mom when it comes to crazy stains.