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Time to Change the Batteries

Changing the batteries in all of my smoke and gas detectors is something I like to do four times a year.  I usually go by the seasons and that reminds me of this very important task.  Since the first day of Spring is right around the corner I need to check my detectors and alarms and stock up on extra batteries.

When checking the detectors I press the “test” button and wait for the alarm to sound.  If the alarm screams with the warning then I know it’s in working order.  However, I still check the date on the batteries inside to make sure they are going to be okay for awhile.  If the alarm does not ring out then I take the cover off and replace the batteries with fresh batteries and try again.  Hopefully the test will work the second time around.

If the alarm does not chirp after pressing the test button and replacing the batteries, it means the detector is no longer working and it needs to be replaced.  You can pick them up at most home and garden stores starting around $10.  It’s extremely important to not just have these detectors and alarms in our home, but to make sure they are functioning properly.

Batteries Not Included

Lady Bug came home from daycare day with a nifty little toy. Unfortunately, the darn thing did not batteries.  Oh how I wish companies would just charge a little extra and include a set of batteries with their products.  Young children, heck most adults too, like instant gratification.  It’s no fun getting a new toy and not being able to play wit it the moment you take it out of the package.

I guess I have to run to the store tomorrow on my way home from work to pick up some batteries.  I really should just buy a few packs of every kind.  Hey!  That’s an idea!  A battery variety pack with  more than one type.  What parent couldn’t use some of those?  They would be especially handy around Christmas time.