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Coupon queen

I have turned into somewhat of a coupon queen. You have to do what ever it takes to make ends meet when you’re a single Mom on a limited income, you know what I mean. Every Sunday I get the paper for the coupons but I also check online anytime I plan on going shopping either for food or whatever. I love the online coupon sites. You can check each individual store from some sites and you can go to certain stores and they’ll allow you to print out coupons right from their web site. The best sites are the ones that offer discounts to several stores right on their web site.

A little bit of bling never hurt anyone

One of the things I enjoy doing, when I have a few extra minutes, and a few extra dollars, is going shopping for fashion jewelry. To be honest, I don’t have as much jewelry as most of my friends and relatives, because I always make sure that the household needs are taken care of before splurging on something like that, but every now and then I like to treat myself to something nice. I try to buy something that will be timeless, and classic, because I don’t want to spend my money on something that will go out of style in only a few months. I don’t have money to waste on short-term trends, you know what I mean?

Refinancing to Save Money

Buying a house seemed like a daunting task. I worked really hard to find the best rates and looked at a few places to get ideas about what was going on in the market at the time.  I was very pleased with the outcome of my mortgage rates and even happier with the house that I was able to purchase.

I’ve  been working on paying off my mortgage for awhile now and am trying to make sure that I can get some decent refinance rates. I’m hoping to lower my monthly payments so that I can pay for a few other expenses during the month, especially those pertaining to my daughter. Lady Bug has expressed interest in playing some team sports and I know those leagues aren’t free to join.

The FHA refinance rates are a lot better than I had hoped. If I’m approved for the new loan, I think I will save a few thousand dollars and pay off my credit cards. I really hate being in debt. I’m just happy that most of all my debt is because I’m a home owner, and not because I went and had a shopping spree on things like expensive shoes.

Trying to have my creative voice in writing

Guest post written by Tim Hall

I’ve never been great at drawing or painting, but something that my teachers always told me in school was that I was a good writer. Sometimes I wish that I had gone into writing as a profession but that’s much easier said than done. Well, now I’m going to try and pick it up again as a way to have some fun.

I’ve been doing my research to see exactly how I can really get started creative writing in the right way. I have found all kinds of great tips online about how to really get started with creative writing. I mentioned something about it to my kids, so they got me a nice little journal for my birthday. It was so sweet because they had really paid attention to know to get that. I plan to fill up that and many journals.

The new printing business

When I go to visit my Aunt Ginny and Uncle Dave I am frequently reminded about how Uncle Cave used to work for a printing company as a book binder. He has been retired for decades now (and living on social security thanks to no pension benefits from his job) and they live a very quiet life. I often think about how the job that he used to do is probably now completely mechanized, or digitized, or whatever term you want to call it. In fact, the entire company he used to work for probably has morphed into some type of online print solutions company where everything is done through computers.

The technological advances made in the past decades are marvelous, but the advances have come at a cost – lost wages. The country has not yet adapted to those changes, and this makes life difficult for a lot of people. I wish there was more help available for the people that need to be retrained, to help them find new jobs using new technology in the evolving, new work place and economy.