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I have found it, the perfect gift for my sister

My sister is a blond. Not only in hair color but also in brains. I love her dearly and she’s a very intelligent woman but she is a blond. I have found the perfect gift for her for her birthday in a couple of weeks. It’s a pink ‘blonde’ keyboard for her computer. Now get this:

The all-pink keyboard swaps out standard keys with funnier, dumber key names. The backspace key now says “Oops!” and the entire row of function keys spells out USELESS KEYS. Hit the “$” sign and you get the sound of a cash register clinking.

Blonds can even get a little technical and use special keys that type out “OMG,” “ALI” (Absolutely Love It!) or “XOXO.” My favorite? The caps lock key now says: “Warning! size XXL letters.”

According to its manufacturer, European Trends, the keyboard has already been released in the U.K. to some success, and at $49.95 probably only a true blond would purchase this novelty item. It’s compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux.

Thank God she has a great sense of humor too and will absolutely love this. I have known women that hate to be told blond jokes and I can’t help but wonder if it’s because they don’t really understand them or if it’s because the resemble them too much? Sorry blonds but I don’t really know how the ‘dumb blonde’ thing got started unless it’s from the old movies with Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield. Did you know that Jayne Mansfield had the IQ of a genius? That shoots down the dumb blond stigma for sure if you ask me.

Keeping warm during the winter

Guest post by my good friend Linda Bradshaw:

I can remember when I lived in Maine, how hard it was for me to find ways to keep warm when I was sitting at my desk, or when I was having to do things outdoors. I especially disliked how long it took for the interior of my car to warm up when I had to drive to work! I couldn’t afford to let the car idle in the driveway for twenty minutes for the interior to warm up! And my feet were always cold, no matter what I did! Most people don’t believe me when I tell them that I wore thermal underwear for ten months out of the year, but it is absolutely the truth! Maine is a cold state!

I really wish that the Internet was more advanced back then – I would have found out much earlier about the twitter sphere and social media and would have learned about the Cozy Winters website where they sell so much great stuff to help people (and their pets) cope with cold weather! I would have been a lot more comfortable back then! I would have clothes that keep me warm with batteries, foot warmers under my desk, seat warmers for my car (and a seat warmer for the bleachers that I had to sit on to watch my son’s soccer games!) In fact, I would have bought seat warmers for all of the kids to sit on when they had to sit on the bench waiting for their turn to play! It got so freakin’ cold!

Here’s to all we lost on 9/11/01

I find it hard to believe it has been 14 years since our whole country was in shock at what we were watching on our television sets. Has it really been that long? It doesn’t seem like it at all to me. It seems like yesterday as those images are forever burned into my memory as I’m sure it is with most of America.

Well here’s to all of those that lost their lives through a meaningless act of violence. Here’s to those that survived. Here’s to all the heroes that perished and those that survived. Here’s to the families left behind and the children born after the tragedy that will never know their fathers. Here’s to our country and hopes that no one, not even anyone in another country has to sit in horror as evil attacks for no reason. God bless us all.

Why Do You Make New Year’s Resolutions?

Every year on New Year’s day people all over the world celebrate by making New Year’s resolutions. Why do we wait until the new year to make a resolution? There is no better time for a change than the present.

What do you do if it’s March and you think you need to get in better shape, or drink more water, or eat healthier? Do you wait the rest year in order to make a change? Or do you decide to just get up and do it with no other motivation?

Is the new year itself just the motivation to make the changes in your life and nothing else? Would you still be making these changes even if it were not the new year? I’m not really sure myself.

I am not normally the kind of person to make a New Year’s resolution. This is probably because I don’t want to be held accountable and I am probably trying to secretly avoid potential failure.

This year I decided to go ahead and make a resolution. My resolution is simple, to enjoy every day and be happy for what I have not for what I don’t. Did you make a New Year’s resolution? If you did, what did you chose and why?