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Proper Homecomings for War Soldiers

Honoring those who serve and protect our country should be something that every solider should be entitled to. Whether it means coming back home after being deployed to a local hometown parade, to discounts at a variety of stores/services, and/or a guaranteed job. Unfortunately not all military warriors make it back home to us before passing away. In the latter scenario, funeral services should always provide the family with affordable options on how to properly lay them to rest one final time.

Before or after the funeral services (based upon grieving time periods and due respect), family member(s)/significant spouse’s are able to fill out the Veterans Administration forms for benefits and military honors.

For individuals or families that choose to have veterans cremation as an option should be able to have that request fulfilled to the utmost ability, and respect. Most funeral homes posses the power to hold graveside services at the local veterans cemetery (depending upon location). In addition to specific traditional veteran funerals, it is best for the family to inquire about any other options that are available. If an insurance policy and/or military benefits fail to fully cover all of the expenses of a memorial, financing options may be pre-existing routes to take.

Had the day off

Well I had the day off yesterday, Michelle was at school and I decided to get started with the projects for the house that I wrote about earlier. I got the wallpaper put up in the living room. Man did it make a huge difference too. It looks great if I do say so myself. It’s got peach and pink colored flowers in it and it’s not a large print either. The background of it is sort of a creamy beige color. The leaves and vines in it are several shades of sort of a mossy green. It’s really pretty. I’m thinking of going with the mossy green in the leaves for the bottom under the chair railing. I think that would look real good.

I also went ahead and put up the ceiling fan myself. It wasn’t that hard to get up there. The whole living room looks so different. You should have seen Michelle’s eyes when she came home. She said ‘Mommy the living room looks so pretty. It was too cute. Hey, this is the ceiling fan I got. It goes great with the wallpaper.

Fixing up the house again

I’m back to fixing up the house a bit here and there. I went to Lowe’s yesterday and found a bunch of wallpaper, ceramic tile, and even a few discontinued ceiling fans all marked down really low. Guess what? I bought wallpaper for my kitchen and living room, a ceiling fan that already has the light on it for my living room and even got some ceramic tile for my bathroom. It’s all going to look great when I get it done. Grandma said my uncle has laid ceramic tile and would come help me do it myself. He’ll help put up the ceiling fan too. I can do it but why not let him do it, if you know what I mean.

In my living room there is chair railing and I’m going to put the wallpaper on the top and get some paint to go with it to paint the bottom part. I don’t know why I didn’t think to get it when I was there. I could have had them match it perfectly right then. Oh well, I’ll put the wallpaper up and then decide which color from it I want for the bottom. I’ll be sure and keep a large enough to piece to take back up there for them to match the color I want. It’s really cool how they do that. It’s technology wonderful!! Sure makes it easy to make a perfect match instead of just trying to find one of those paint cards to match it.

Happy Labor Day Weekend!!!

While most everyone else had a long off, I was busy working. I don’t get the luxury of having that holiday off so Labor Day meant something different to me than it did to you. That’s okay though because I have to support myself and my daughter. Such is the life of a retail worker.

I do hope that each and every one of you had a great holiday weekend. Most of all, I hope it was a safe one for you.

Can You Afford Adoption?

While there’s nothing you’d want more than to welcome a child into your life, you’re worried the cost of adoption will prove insurmountable. Even if you feel financially secure, raising a child is a big financial undertaking – so you might not have the money to spare for adoption fees and other costs associated with adopting a child. However, most adoption situations can be managed with the right help so the prospective parent or parents can give a child a home.

Schedule an Appointment with a Support Center

There are ways to reduce the cost of the adoption process, and the workers at an adoption support center would be happy to show you how. For example, you’ll qualify for a federal and possibly state Adoption Tax Credit, which will offset some of your costs. There are also sponsorships and fundraisers that can help you raise the money, as well as long-term, interest-free loans that will let you defer the full payment.

So long as you have a steady income and a manageable amount of debt, don’t let finances hold you back from welcoming the newest member of your family. There are adoption support workers waiting for you to reach out to them so they can help you reduce the cost of adoption.