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Do-It-Yourself Padded Storage Ottoman

Last night I was watching a do-it-yourself show on the television. The guy on the show was showing you how to make a really neat padded storage ottoman. I love items that you can use to decorate with but also have a purpose like organizing. This ottoman was made with a plastic file crate, plywood, some batting and the fabric of your choice. It looked very easy to put together.

I would love to make a few of these to use in Lady Bug’s room. She can use the extra storage space for some of her board games.  Because she is small they could double as seats. I bet she would want to fill them with her toys and call them her treasure boxes.

Lost Keys Can Be Avoided

Right as you walk in my house I have a table that sits in the entry way. On the table is a small wicker basket that I always put my keys in as soon as I walk in the door. This simple little routine saves me a lot of time and headaches when it comes time to leave the house. I don’t have to spend forever searching for my keys or trying to remember where I may have seen them last.

Well, last night I got stuck in traffic and it took me a little longer than usual to get home. I ran straight to the bathroom as soon as I arrived and didn’t stop for anything… not even to put my keys down. Silly me took the keys and set them on the back of the toilet. It took me a good thirty minutes to find them when I went to leave for work this morning.

Moral of the story… ALWAYS put your keys in the same place every day to prevent losing your mind.

Organize Your Work Space And Eliminate Clutter

Organizing your work space can make a word of difference in how you feel. If you walk into a room and see a desk that have no surface because it is cluttered with piles of unopened mail, paperwork you need to get to, and pens and pencils strewn about, you are more than likely not going to get anywhere very fast because you will feel overwhelmed and not know where anything and/or everything is at.

However, if you walk into an office that has a desk that is completely cleared off and everything has been filed away in to it’s own space you will probably feel like you can get started and do anything you’d like.  I know if my desk is a mess it makes me feel yucky and when I’m trying to do work on it most of the time it just drives me crazy because I can’t even find a surface to write on.

Take the time to clear off your desk and file everything away. I’m sure you’ll feel much better. Start by throwing away all of the paper that you don’t  need. You don’t need all of the envelopes that your bills come in, they just take up space. Open them all up and file them away. I suggest going paperless with all of your bills. That’s one way to eliminate extra clutter in your life. I know I’ve really enjoyed not having a stack of bills that I need to file away each month ever since I switched to paperless. Give it a try and see what you think.

15 Minute Bed Time Routine To Reduce Stress

A few minutes each night can make a world of a difference in how you feel in the morning and how your day will go. At the end of the day take 15 minutes to do a bed time routine to reduce stress.

In this routine, quickly run through the house to pick up any loose clutter that has accumulated through out the day. Then, wipe off your counters and make sure the dish washer is loaded and going if it is full. Set out clean dish towels on the counter or where ever you use your kitchen towels. Next pick out the clothes that you will be wearing tomorrow and lay them out so you don’t have to figure out what to put on your body when you are still half asleep in the morning, this includes shoes and any accessories you might like to add. Don’t forget to brush and floss your teeth, have a drink of water and use the restroom.

Doing these few simple tasks every night before bed will help you wake up feeling less stressed. I know when I wake up and walk out to a mess I feel like I’ve already started out defeated. If everything is clean, I feel like I can get started and have a great day. I challenge you to give this a try and see the difference it makes in your life.

Toy Purge To Make Room For New Toys

Ladybug and I had a great Christmas. Now it’s time to clean up and organize all of the new toys she got for Christmas. I had planned on having her go through all of her toys before Christmas and choosing which toys she still played with and which toys she’d like to donate but we didn’t get the chance.  So that’s what we did today, a toy purge to make room for new toys.

I helped Ladybug as we sifted through all of her toys and threw away broken toys and put toys that were perfectly fine but didn’t play with anymore in a big bag. We’ve been doing this every year. I don’t want her to be spoiled and I want her to understand that other people are not as fortunate as we are. She gladly donates her toys every year and before her birthday as well. Another great reason to do this is to avoid extra clutter. When something new comes into the house, something old must go out.

It took us a little over and hour and a half to go through everything and put all of her new toys away in their new places. We ended up tossing out a small bag of toys and had a nice big bag of toys to donate. Her room is nice and tidy again and every toy has a place to be. I fell great now that it’s done and am really going to work hard to make sure we do this before Christmas next year.