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The modern day musicians

I find it amazing how today’s music can be made with machines with funny names like kaossilator and not have to play any traditional instruments like a guitar, drum, or keyboard at all. I have mixed emotions about the use of machines like that. I find the technology amazing and fascinating, but I also feel sad for all of the people in the world who are taking band in school that will never actually end up using their instruments once they get out of school.

All the tooling pieces you could possibly want

I guess I never realized just how many different sizes of machinery parts a person or business might need until Bobby showed me the huge selection of items that he often buys online when he needs something that he can’t find locally. The sheer size of the inventory, from the standpoint of having to create and maintain the website is mind-boggling to me!

A Quick Treat

Lady Bug asked for ice cream when I picked her up today. She was on her best behavior so I decided to treat her. We stopped off at our local frozen yogurt store and each got a tasty treat. I got tart vanilla with raspberries. Lady Bug enjoyed strawberry yogurt with chunks of fresh strawberries.

It not only tastes delicious but isn’t nearly as bad for you as some of the rich ice creams out there. We were both more than satisfied with our delectable selections.

Office Treats

Yummy!!! Someone brought in some very tasty Halloween treats to the office today. There were brownies in the shape if bats, and cute little cat and pumpkin cookies. I tried to resist but by the end of the day I ended up eating one of each.

If I don’t want to put on 10 pounds this holiday season I better beware of all the delicious treats that I’ll see in the coming months. I know I won’t be able to say no to everything. I just need to learn to take the treats in moderation. Is one treat a day too much?

PTO fund-raiser

The first meeting of the PTO has resulted in an announcement that we are going to be trying to raise enough money for the school to be able to replace the old wooden bleachers at the football field. I volunteered to be on the committee that researches the different aluminum bleachers for sale, but instead I was assigned to the bake sale committee. I was really very annoyed about that – I resent being type-cast into the bake sale lady just because I’m young and pretty. I’ve got a lot of brains, too!