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Belly Buddy Visit

One of the moms I talk to online is from Canada. I met her in an online forum for expecting mothers.  She was my belly buddy.  We were both expecting our girls to be born on the same day. Anyway, we were talking about some of the differences between the United States and Canada.  We could have gone on and on about a million things, especially health care. I had to pay a ton of money when I had Lady Bug.  She didn’t have any out of pocket fees.  I can’t even begin to fathom what I could have done with the thousands I could have saved if we lived there.

My belly buddy offered to let Lady Bug and I come visit her during the holiday season.  I think it would be really great to get out of the city and visit her.  The girls could play together and have a ton of fun. After all they are only three days apart.  We’ve known each other since we were pregnant but have never met.  Some of the other mommies in our group of friends have had meet up, but none of them have lived this far apart.

I’m excited to visit her and see what it’s like up there.  I better get moving on passports for Lady Bug and I.  I hope we can get them in time, otherwise we’ll have to wait till next year.  Maybe we can visit in the spring if it takes six months like I’ve heard it does.

This was one strange story

Did you hear that a woman in Tunisia was expecting 12 babies?  As if Octo-Mom wasn’t bad enough, now 12 babies.  Well here’s the true story.

Tunis – Doctors have determined that a Tunisian woman thought to have been expecting a world record 12 babies was experiencing a phantom pregnancy, the health ministry said on Thursday.

The 34-year-old woman from the southern Gafsa region, identified only by her initials A.F., had been taken by a private ambulance to the Wassila Bourguiba hospital in the capital.

Medical tests revealed that it was a case of a phantom pregnancy, the ministry said, adding that the condition was very rare.

The unnamed woman’s story had attracted huge coverage in Tunisian newspapers and interest from around the world.

Tight security had been put in place around the woman and a lawyer had been hired to deal with the media. – AFP

I don’t understand this world

Did you hear about the guy that walked into a gym, went into where women were doing their aerobics class and just opened fire? What I can’t seem to understand is this guy was a rather nice looking man. He said that he hadn’t had a date in 6 years I believe it was, and he hated women.

Well that might have been why he hadn’t had a date. He probably had a lousy attitude towards women in general or was looking for too young of a woman for himself. He killed himself after he killed 3 women and wounded several more. If he was so miserable, why didn’t he just kill himself? Why did he have to take innocent victim with him? I just don’t understand this world.

That has a lot to do with why I don’t date, you never know what you’re possibly hooking up with. Oh sure they may seem all sweet and gentlemanly but you never know just what lurks just below the surface.

Do you know someone in need of a scooter?

My great-uncle lost three of his toes due to a tiny sore that developed between two of his toes.  All he had left on his right foot was his big toe and the one next to it.  He had poor circulation and had to have veins taken out of his arm and put into his leg.  That helped a great deal.  The only problem was it made it hard for him to walk very far.

Thank goodness for the  Thank God for the 4 wheel scooter we found for him there.  It gave him back some of his freedom.  This man had been through WWII and survived and was a very independent man.  We had to do something to allow him to be able to go down to his shop and the scooter was perfect.

One of the best things was that they handled all the paperwork and even if it hadn’t been covered by his health insurance, he would have been able to get one anyway.  He had Medicare and private insurance and because of the recommendation of his doctor and the people at the Scooter Store, he got one without any cost out of his pocket.

That’s so important for someone on a fixed income.  Now he’s scooting around where ever he needs to go happy as a bug in a rug.

This is crazy

Part of what makes insurance so high are all of the crazy lawsuits people are filing.  Like that old lady that spilled coffee in her lap and sued McDonald’s for the coffee burning her.  Excuse me, but if the coffee hadn’t been hot, she would have complained about that so now all restaurants put a warning on the cups that the liquid  may be ‘hot’.

It’s not bad enough that these people take these kind of stupid things to court, the courts award huge amounts of money to these people for doing something stupid like spilling coffee in your lap.  I could see it is a McDonald’s employee poured the coffee on someone but if you spill it, it’s your problem or should be.  Here’s some more examples of the continued craziness:

Man’s best friend makes for numerous unusual claims. According to Veterinary Pet Insurance, or VPI, the largest provider of pet insurance in the United States, dogs get mixed up in all sorts of trouble.

That includes a dog that locked itself in a refrigerator during the holidays and ate the family’s entire Thanksgiving ham while waiting to be found. The pooch suffered from a mild case of hypothermia but no serious injuries. VPI also paid the medical bill for a Boston terrier that had shut itself into a recliner.

Then there was the mixed breed that chased its own tail and caught it, coming close to chewing it off, a French bulldog that ingested more than 50 small candles and a Labrador retriever that ate a box of disposable razors. In each case, the owners made claims for medical treatment, and the insurance company paid.

When are people going to learn that if they don’t want their premiums to keep going higher and higher, then they need to stop filing claims every time something happens.  Sure there are legitimate claims that need to be filed but it’s time to put a stop the the insanity of a sue crazy world.  Of course insurance companies are going to pay for claims like these because they don’t want to be sued and have to pay 10 times what the claim is in ‘awarded damages’.