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Grow Your Own Sprouts

Tasty, crunchy sprouts are a delicious addition to salad, and stir fry.  Here is an easy way to grow your own sprouts using glass jars.  You’ll need a glass jar, a mason canning style jar works nicely for this, a piece of cheesecloth,  some sprout seeds, and water.

Place a few spoonfuls of the seeds at the bottom of the jar.  Fill the jar with water about a quart of the way full.  Cover the opening of the jar with cheese cloth and then put on the ring lid to the jar. Let the seeds soak overnight.  In the morning, drain the seeds and rinse them thoroughly two times.  Make sure to drain them well to prevent mold. Shake the seeds around in the jar so they evenly disperse as you lay it on it’s side.

Repeat the rinsing process about every 8 hours. The sprouts should be ready to eat in a few days wen they have grown long enough to eat.  When you see the tail sprout out of the seed they are ready.  To clean off the hulls soak the sprouts in a bowl of water and swirl them around with your hand.  Push the sprouts down and the hulls should float to the top to easily be ladled off. Drain the sprouts and enjoy!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle at Home with Kids

Earth Day is around the corner.  I’m teaching my daughter about the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling.  I want her to understand that it is our responsibility to take care of the Earth.  I plan to do a few projects with her based on each of those principles to explain and reinforce this concept.

So far I’ve come up with starting a compost pile in the backyard, for the garden, to help recycle and reduce some of the waste we would normally throw away.  I was also thinking it would be fun to have her sort the trash with me into the appropriate bins when we do recycling.  I’m trying to think of some fun ideas for reusing items that she would get excited about.  I can’t seem to think of any off the top of my head.  I’d love any suggestions any of you migth have that  I could do with my daughter.

Painting the Grass Green

Today was the community Easter Egg Hunt. I took Lady Bug to gather eggs with the other children in the neighborhood. She had tons of fun running around in the grass at the park. I snapped a bunch of pictures of her looking for the hidden eggs.

The grass looked soo vibrant in all of the pictures. It reminded me of a time I went to visit family in Tennessee and saw a man spraying green onto the grass in front of a business.  I thought it was pretty strange at first. Then I saw another person spraying the same green substance onto his front lawn. I appreciate a nice looking lawn, but I’ve never considered faking it with spray paint.

Inspiration From Our Surroundings

Appreciating my surroundings is something I’ve always been taught to do. Sometimes I like to take a drive around the country just to look and see what has popped up around me. Occasionally, I’ll see clusters of new homes being built or even new shopping centers. The Boca Raton Architects have really produced some lovely buildings.

Driving through new neighborhoods and looking at the new homes gives me ideas of ways to add special touches to my home.  Sometimes I might see some neat landscaping out front.  Other times, my eye might be caught by large arch windows.  Most recently, I was excited by a quaint little breeze way at the entrance to a home.  It was a about a ten foot arch with lattice work.  Hanging from the lattice was ivy and some beautiful pink and purple flowers.

I wish I had a grand entrance at the front of my home for something like this.  The lattice work was breath taking.  I suppose I could always add something similar to the backyard and patio, but I really thought it was stunning in the front yard.