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Pesky Weeds Just Won’t Go Away

The weeds in my back yard are really frustrating me. There is a corner in the back that I just can’t seem to get a handle on. I’ve tried pulling them, spraying them, you name it I’ve done it. I’m at a loss as for what to do to get rid of them. I’d like my lawn to be free of weeds but I’m almost at the point of giving up.

I guess now is the time for me to either do a bunch more research on weed control or call out the big guys to see what they can suggest. I wonder if I can get a consultation and see if they can give me some advice. I might be better off just having them rip everything out and starting over. Renovating the back yard could be a fun project.

Leaves, Leaves Everywhere

It’s that time of year when the leaves turn colors and start to fall from the branches.  Every Fall I love seeing all of the colors from the yellows, golds, oranges, and even reds.  It warms my heart to see every year.  I like taking a drive with Ladybug just to see all of the leaves this time of year.

Right now there are a million leaves in our yard.  I really am not a fan of raking them, just looking at them.  I wonder if there is a kid on our street that I could pay to come rake up all of these leaves.  And then, what would be a fair wage to give him or her?  Maybe I can put a sign up in our yard advertising the job and see if anyone stops by.

I know Ladybug would love to play in the leaves before they are all gone.  Maybe I’ll take some time to rake them up into a big pile so we can jump in them and make a big mess again.  That’s always one of the fun things with the leaves this time of year.   I bet a leaf blower could be  a  lot of fun too!  Hmmm, now I want to look in to prices of leaf blowers.  It could be a toy and a gardening tool.  I could justify that.

Community Fall Festival and Pumpkin Patch

Ladybug and I had a fantastic time this afternoon.  We went to a local community Fall Festival and visited the pumpkin patch.  She picked out the biggest pumpkin she could carry.  There were pumpkins of all shapes and sizes.  Some were soo tiny they could fin in the palm of your hands and others were so big it seemed like you night need a fork lift to get then out of there.  We really enjoyed ourselves as we walked through the pumpkin patch. There were bales of hay everywhere and even a few scarecrows set up for photo opportunities.

We must have spent a good hour alone wandering through the pumpkin patch.  Once she finally picked the pumpkin she wanted we headed to the corn maze.  It wasn’t really made of corn but it was still lots of fun.  It was made of cardboard and plastic sheeting.  I loved seeing the look on her face as we walked through the maze and got turned around or got tuck at a dead end.  She was soo excited when she led us out that she shouted, “I did it! I did it!” when we finally made it all of the way out.

In addition to all of the pumpkins there were crafts for the kids to do.  Ladybug made a fall wreath with leaves twine, and a bit of straw.  She added foam pumpkins and scarecrows.  It was absolutely adorable.  I think it makes a great addition to our front door.  She insisted on hanging it up as soon as we arrived back home.  I love those added touches that children can bring to home decor.  It makes them feel special and reminds them that this is their home.  I always hang up the art work that Ladybug makes, especially when it’s seasonal and or holiday related.  I usually end up leaving those pieces up for quite some time.

Poor Baby Buds

Oh no! The cute little flowers that Lady Bug and I planted a few weeks ago are taking a turn for worse. The poor little buds are starting to droop pretty bad. I’m not sure what is causing them to fall like they are. Perhaps it’s the heat that is getting to them.

I think I’ll try moving them out of her windowsill and placing them on her dresser where it is cooler. Hopefully this helps the little plants and we can save them. Lady Bug will be crushed if they wither and die.

If anyone has any suggestions to save these plants please leave your comments and we’ll try them out an let you know how it goes. We really appreciate your help.

Garden Tools for the Little Lady

Ever since we planted the little flower pots in Lady Bug’s room, she has been asking about doing a lot of gardening. She told me that she wants to plant more flowers outside. Then she said she wants to have a super big garden with lots of food to eat.

She was soo excited that I took her to the toy store and bought her some little kid gardening tools. We found more than I thought we would. I got her a mini hoe, shovel, rake, watering can, and even a cute set of gloves with a matching apron.

I’m not sure that we’re going to have a “super big” garden like she asked for, but at least now she can have fun playing in the dirt in the backyard. Maybe we can turn a kiddie pool into a garden for her. I bet she would live that!