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Can You Afford Adoption?

While there’s nothing you’d want more than to welcome a child into your life, you’re worried the cost of adoption will prove insurmountable. Even if you feel financially secure, raising a child is a big financial undertaking – so you might not have the money to spare for adoption fees and other costs associated with adopting a child. However, most adoption situations can be managed with the right help so the prospective parent or parents can give a child a home.

Schedule an Appointment with a Support Center

There are ways to reduce the cost of the adoption process, and the workers at an adoption support center would be happy to show you how. For example, you’ll qualify for a federal and possibly state Adoption Tax Credit, which will offset some of your costs. There are also sponsorships and fundraisers that can help you raise the money, as well as long-term, interest-free loans that will let you defer the full payment.

So long as you have a steady income and a manageable amount of debt, don’t let finances hold you back from welcoming the newest member of your family. There are adoption support workers waiting for you to reach out to them so they can help you reduce the cost of adoption.

Michelle loves Humming Birds

hummingbird (free clip art)

hummingbird (free clip art)

There is a hummingbird feeder outside Michelle’s bedroom window. She will sit by her window for hours watching the hummingbirds eat. The first time she saw one, she thought it was a big bee and was afraid it would scare the birds away. I explained that they were birds and not a bee. After that, she was hooked.

This is the first year I have ever had hummingbird feeders at our house and my grandmother told me that we have to take them in over Labor Day Weekend. I didn’t know that. She told me that the hummingbirds will stay here too long and not be able to get to where they go over the winter if I leave the feeders out for them. I thought there might be others out there that didn’t know that either so hopefully this is helpful to some of you. We do want them to be safe and return next year after all.

Waving his arms

One thing that used to annoy me (when I was much younger) about my father was that whenever we listened to music together he would wave his arms around like he was the conductor of the band. Sometimes, if he was cooking on the grill he would use the big spatula or fork like a conductor baton! When I was a teenager and had friends over, I would be so embarrassed by him doing that! But now that I’m older, I’ve started to think of that as one of the things that makes him “cute” in the eyes of my mother, and sometimes to other people. So, I’ve tried to embrace that concept, and not let it annoy me anymore.

Happy Father’s Day!

Fathers Day (free clip art)

Fathers Day (free clip art)

My favorite part about Father’s Day is watching my father cook steaks (or burgers) on the grill. He is so happy when he does that! I think there is some kind of primal thing going on when he does that, like a caveman cooking meat over an open flame while outdoors. He always has a big, silly grin on his face when he cooks on the grill!