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Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer Envy

Quite a few of my friends got new Kitchen Aid Stand Mixers for Christmas this past year. I’ve always wanted one myself and i have some serious Kitchen Aid mixer envy. I love to cook and love the idea of getting one of these miracle mixers as a gift. I’ll have to be sure to tell every person I know that I would really like to have one.

Maybe I can convince them all to pool their money for my birthday and get me one. I would probably be the happiest girl on the Earth. I can’t decide though if I want a red one or a sharp looking stainless steel one. I love red and have other red kitchen gadgets and appliances. Red would fit in nicely with everything else, but so would the stainless steel. I think the stainless steel makes the gorgeous mixer look like a big statement piece in anyone’s kitchen.

If I had one of the beautiful mixers it would always stay out on my counter top. I would never put it away. I would want to use it too much. But, then again if I had my dream kitchen I would see if I could get one of those nifty mixer lifts installed so that it hides in it’s own cabinet. Then you can pull it out up to the counter level and still have my counter space for other things like cookie sheets and such.  I guess it’s something to look forward to.

Affordable Home Safety Options

So the other day when I changed the batteries for the smoke detectors it got me thinking about other thing that contribute to home safety. I founds some very helpful tips online. I’m considering getting a home security system and there are a lot of different choices for monitoring your home and giving you peace of mind with alarm systems.

One company I found has three different pricing options, all of which seem to be pretty affordable ranging from $35.99 to $45.99 a month. These seem pretty reasonable when it comes to the safety of my family. One item that I was particularly fond of in one of the packages was an alarm that sounds when doors or windows are opened that are protected. I know this would put my mind at ease if  all I had to do would be listen for an intruder alarm.

No matter what system I might choose to get, my family’s safety is my number one priority. I just want to make sure my daughter and I are both safe and secure.

Mommy Daughter Manicures & Pedicures

Ladybug and I gave each other manicures today. I let her pick out whatever color she wanted to use. We used her new Strawberry Shortcake nail polish set. She painted my nails the light bright pink and put yellow polk-a-dots. I let her use one of my dotting tools to add the little polk-a-dot shapes. She had soo much fun that she asked if she could do my toes too! She painted my toes dark pink and put green dots on the corner of each nail. She’s soo creative. This isn’t the normal polish designs I could wear to work so good thing it’s a holiday weekend.

When I went to paint her toes she kept giggling because the toe separates were tickling her feet. It took me awhile to get her to settle down but eventually she did. I painted her toes the dark pink color and added light oink flowers with a yellow center. Her fingers were done in the light pink color with green polk-a-dots. We had soo much fun painting each others’ fingers and toes that I think we might make this a regular mommy daughter date at least once a month.

The Community Center needs a new PA system

Paul told me that he was looking into buying one of the harbinger pa systems that are on sale this month to put into the Community Center. The Community Center has never had a PA system, and it has needed one desperately for a very long time. We’ve been talking about buying one and donating it to the Center, but we didn’t want to spend a ton of money. He found one on sale for just a little less than $200, and he thinks it’s a good deal. I’m a little bit nervous about buying anything like that because I’m no expert in all of the technical details. I think I’ll just trust his judgement and go with the flow.

Trying to have my creative voice in writing

Guest post written by Tim Hall

I’ve never been great at drawing or painting, but something that my teachers always told me in school was that I was a good writer. Sometimes I wish that I had gone into writing as a profession but that’s much easier said than done. Well, now I’m going to try and pick it up again as a way to have some fun.

I’ve been doing my research to see exactly how I can really get started creative writing in the right way. I have found all kinds of great tips online about how to really get started with creative writing. I mentioned something about it to my kids, so they got me a nice little journal for my birthday. It was so sweet because they had really paid attention to know to get that. I plan to fill up that and many journals.