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Rubber guitar strings?

Have you ever heard of rubber guitar strings? The first time I had ever heard of them, it was while reading a review of a kala bass guitar online. The reviewer was talking about how much he loved the guitar, especially with rubber guitar strings! He claimed that the rubber guitar strings helped to eliminate sore fingers! I’ve never heard of such a thing! I wonder if my parents had put rubber strings on my guitar when I was a teenager, if I would have continued to take classes. I quit because my fingers hurt so much!

Love to listen to Jason

I have always loved the family Christmas party where all of the musicians bring their instruments and jam for an hour. I especially love listening to Jason plays a short solo on his tenor saxophone. He has a great on-stage presence. When you watch him perform, you can tell that he is really enjoying what he is playing. It makes me wish that I had been able to develop that same passion for music at a younger age – I might have been a great musician by now!

I found it!

I was so surprised to be able to find the boss fender reverb pedal that Dave put on his Christmas gift wish list when I was shopping today! I was at the mall, and just happened to be walking past a store that sells musical instruments. I didn’t think I’d have any luck finding it, but I went straight to the employee standing behind the counter and asked him if he could help me. When I showed him the list, he told me that he only had one left in stock, and he took me right to it! Within just a couple of minutes the item was paid for, bagged, and I was on my way out the door to finish the rest of my shopping! I am so glad that gift is out of the way – I thought that was going to be the hardest one to find!

House needs ‘something’

I live in a little house my Grandma had and is renting to me real cheap. I love it but it’s in need of some fixing up or fancying up I guess I should say. I really want to wallpaper the kitchen on two of the walls where the kitchen table is (I call it the dining area) and the bathroom needs new wallpaper too. I think the paper that is in there was put up in about 1900. I’m being serious because it looks like real old newspaper and the dates on it say 1900. It’s just plain and simply UGLY!! I gotta see if I can find a discount wallpaper site online. If you know of a good one, let me know. I bet Grandma knows of one because she seems to be able to find just about anything online. 

Let the craziness begin

Christmas is supposed to be the season we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Instead it has become a season of pure craziness from ‘Black Friday’ on. I hate to shop on ‘Black Friday’ but I must admit you do find some awfully good bargains then.

I hated that they called the Friday after Thanksgiving ‘Black Friday’ but I found out why it’s called that. It’s the day when the stores hope to finally get out of the red and into the black or start showing a profit. That doesn’t sound so bad to me then.

Some idiots on Facebook are trying to convince people that “Black Friday” is called that because back in the days when slavery was legal, the slave markets had a big sale on slaves that day, trying to get them all sold before the cold weather set in. That’s ridiculous, and I found that to be very aggravating that people would start stupid rumors like that!