Wedding Favors For Every Style and Budget

Wedding favors are little tokens of appreciation that you send home with your guests as a thank you for supporting you in your new marriage. Wedding favors can be personalized, functional, affordable, and even consumable. The favors you chose can enhance your wedding theme and style and give everyone a lasting memory of what fun they had at your wedding.

I personally enjoy practical wedding favors. It’s nice when some one gives me something that I will be able to use over and over again. I would try to select something that would work for both men and women so no one feels left out. Or, I bet you could go with two different favor options, one for all of the men and then a different selection for the woman. Maybe you could get the men a nice key ring and the woman a fancy candle.

Favors don’t have to cost a lot of money. You can get little favor bags or boxes and fill them with your favorite tasty treat and place a personalized sticker on it and you have an easy and inexpensive wedding favor. It’s good to note that usually when you buy more of something you can probably get it for a smaller price per unit. This is especially helpful when you have a large number of guests and you want to offer something to everyone.

Capture Special Moments With Disposable Wedding Cameras

You are sure to busy and caught up with many things on your special day. We’ve all heard there are three sides to every story. How about having a chance to see your whole event from someone else’s perspective? A great way not to miss out on all of the exciting moments of your big day is to pass out disposable wedding cameras at your wedding or reception.

You could give a camera to each guest or maybe set a few out at each table at the wedding reception. Your friend and family are sure to capture moments that you might have never had a chance to see had you not given them all camera to use. It could even be fun to give some camera to the children in attendance. They always seem to find things that adults miss.

Disposable wedding cameras come in a variety of styles from your standard plain to others than can compliment the decor of your wedding reception. You don’t  have to limit them to use solely at your reception either. How about sharing them at other important events along the way, like the bachelor or bachelorette party, the rehearsal dinner, or even the bridal shower.

At the end of the events leave a collection basket to collect all of the cameras. Then, drop them off at your local developers and wait to see all of the exciting images your friends and family caught on film.

Make An Impression With Unique Wedding Favors

It’s easy to make a lasting impression on your guests by giving them unique wedding favors. Guests will remember the favors you give to them especially when they are exciting and personalized. You can make your wedding favors unique by having them personalized. Most favors can be personalized now days to match your theme.

Maybe give your guests something totally unexpected. For example, try giving them a personalized calculator. I know I am always in need of a calculator. I’d love to have a simple and elegant calculator that I can pull out or put in my purse to use whenever I need it. That’s a favor that I would truly appreciate.

Your favors don’t have to be expensive either. There are plenty of low-cost options to chose from. Favors don’t have to be expensive to make an impression. Just because something doesn’t cost much doesn’t mean it’s quality is lacking. You’ll be surprised what you can put together for your guests without breaking the bank.

Remember that you can use your wedding favors to add to the decor of your event. Unique little lanterns could really set the mood at an outdoor beach wedding. Everyone will be sure to remember them and be excited to learnt hat they get to take them home.

Wedding Favor Bags Can Make Any Favor Compliment Your Decor

Wedding favor bags are the perfect way to tie any wedding favor you select into your wedding theme decor. Maybe the favor you selected does not match or compliment the colors of the event. Perhaps the favor doesn’t come with any kind of packaging to present to your guests. By opting to use a wedding favor bag you can harmoniously have your favor blend right in to the decor.

Wedding favor bags come in a variety of styles. If you would like to still see you favor but have it in an elegant bag chose an organza bag. Organza wedding favor bags come in sheer colors. They add just a touch of color and still let your wedding favors shine through.

Celebrate Your Union With A Sand Ceremony

I wrote about unity ceremonies not long ago. But I didn’t really cover all of the options available with a sand ceremony. When you chose to celebrate your union as husband and wife by performing a sand unity ceremony you will have a lasting memento afterward to cherish for years to come.

Each person will have a different color sand to represent them in the union. You can choose colors that compliment your wedding theme and style or go with something simple and traditional as black and white. The sand is stored in individual vases and poured together into a single larger vase to represent the union.

The vases or vessels you chose come in different shapes and sizes. I saw beautiful unity sand ceremony set that had heart shaped vases to hold all of the sand and I knew that would be the set I would want for myself. There were also wavy type shapes of vases that hold the sand. It really all depends on your style and what you are looking for. They can also be etched or engraved with the bride and groom’s names or initials. Having a personalized vase will really make it stand out when you display it in your home in the years to come.