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Proper Homecomings for War Soldiers

Honoring those who serve and protect our country should be something that every solider should be entitled to. Whether it means coming back home after being deployed to a local hometown parade, to discounts at a variety of stores/services, and/or a guaranteed job. Unfortunately not all military warriors make it back home to us before passing away. In the latter scenario, funeral services should always provide the family with affordable options on how to properly lay them to rest one final time.

Before or after the funeral services (based upon grieving time periods and due respect), family member(s)/significant spouse’s are able to fill out the Veterans Administration forms for benefits and military honors.

For individuals or families that choose to have veterans cremation as an option should be able to have that request fulfilled to the utmost ability, and respect. Most funeral homes posses the power to hold graveside services at the local veterans cemetery (depending upon location). In addition to specific traditional veteran funerals, it is best for the family to inquire about any other options that are available. If an insurance policy and/or military benefits fail to fully cover all of the expenses of a memorial, financing options may be pre-existing routes to take.

Here’s to all we lost on 9/11/01

I find it hard to believe it has been 14 years since our whole country was in shock at what we were watching on our television sets. Has it really been that long? It doesn’t seem like it at all to me. It seems like yesterday as those images are forever burned into my memory as I’m sure it is with most of America.

Well here’s to all of those that lost their lives through a meaningless act of violence. Here’s to those that survived. Here’s to all the heroes that perished and those that survived. Here’s to the families left behind and the children born after the tragedy that will never know their fathers. Here’s to our country and hopes that no one, not even anyone in another country has to sit in horror as evil attacks for no reason. God bless us all.

I hope you have a blessed Easter

Easter (free clip art)

Easter (free clip art)

Easter was wonderful this year. Michelle was old enough to really enjoy it this year. They had a big Easter egg hunt at church and the child that found the golden egg, got a big surprise inside. It had a $20 bill in it and believe it or not, Michelle found it all by her little self. She came running to me saying “The Easter bunny laid a golden egg but there’s a dollar in it”. A dollar she said. I told her that it was a 20 dollar bill and she looked at me with this serious look on her face and said, “Well when are you taking me shopping?”

I did it! Did you?

I voted (free clip art)

I voted (free clip art)

Guest post by Charlene Wilson

This is the first year I have been old enough to vote and I DID IT!! I hope you did too. My grandmother told me that this is one of the most important things I can do to help our country. It doesn’t matter if the person I voted for wins or loses, my voice was heard either way. That’s a pretty empowering feeling to know that my one tiny voice will be heard. I just hope the best man wins no matter which one it is. I just hope they help all of us and not a select few.

More Christmas stuff than Halloween stuff

Christmas decorations (free clip art)

Christmas decorations (free clip art)

I went to a local retail store and I couldn’t believe my eyes. They had about 5 times more Christmas stuff out than they did Halloween stuff and that even includes all the candy. Why is it that it seems every year they put the Christmas stuff out earlier and earlier? I guess they’re trying to catch people while they still have a little money hoping they’ll start their Christmas shopping early.

Well I don’t get my Christmas fund money until the middle of November so I couldn’t start shopping for Christmas if I wanted to yet. You know, I could start putting stuff on layaway. What am I saying? Here I was fussing and now I’m thinking of layaway. Shame on me!!