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The modern day musicians

I find it amazing how today’s music can be made with machines with funny names like kaossilator and not have to play any traditional instruments like a guitar, drum, or keyboard at all. I have mixed emotions about the use of machines like that. I find the technology amazing and fascinating, but I also feel sad for all of the people in the world who are taking band in school that will never actually end up using their instruments once they get out of school.

Which Pool is Right for Me?

With the weather getting warmer, outdoor water activities are lots of fun. Right now we generally visit a local community pool, but I’m thinking about other ideas. I’m not sure if having a pool of our own is really what I want but, I did take a look around to see what our options are. One website that I found that has a bunch of options for pools is

Doheny has a few different above ground pools to take into consideration. I was surprised to see quick pools not just in circles, but also in rectangles. All my life I’ve only seen above ground pools in big giant circles. They have eight different sizes to choose from in the quick pools section. They even throw in a free volley ball set when you buy certain sizes. If that’s not incentive enough to buy maybe the four payment plan will persuade me.

The addition of a pool to our backyard will really make the warmer seasons all the more enjoyable. A swimming pool water slide could be an nice piece to add to the pool too! Lady Bug would really have a blast sliding into the pool with her friends. If we want to get a slide though we have to make the commitment to an in-ground pool. Maybe I’ll just start her off with some diving sticks and pool noodles if we get an above ground pool. Either way, I know we’ll be happy.

The Community Center needs a new PA system

Paul told me that he was looking into buying one of the harbinger pa systems that are on sale this month to put into the Community Center. The Community Center has never had a PA system, and it has needed one desperately for a very long time. We’ve been talking about buying one and donating it to the Center, but we didn’t want to spend a ton of money. He found one on sale for just a little less than $200, and he thinks it’s a good deal. I’m a little bit nervous about buying anything like that because I’m no expert in all of the technical details. I think I’ll just trust his judgement and go with the flow.

Dress Shopping

Shopping for evening gowns is one of my favorite things to do of all time. Today I was invited to a charity ball. This means that I get to go dress shopping. I usually like to go window shopping online before I head out to the stores so I can get an idea of what is available and where. Tonight I hopped online and within minutes of searching I found some gorgeous Alex evening separates.

I usually go with a sleeveless gown, and in case I get cold I bring a coordinating shawl. Well, I don’t think I have to do that with the look I’m picking out this time. It’s an Alex evenings bolero jacket dress, and it’s absolutely spectacular. I love how the dress is fitted at the top and flows away from the body below that. It isn’t a huge puffy dress either which is a big plus. The sparkle on top is just enough. I’m not really a big fan of entire dresses that are sparkle from head to toe; I think they are a bit much.

I just need to find the perfect shoes to go with the dress and I’ll be set. My closet probably has something that would work, but a girl can never have too many shoes. I especially can’t turn down the chance to use my Alden shoes discount to get myself a new pair of heels.

8 Interesting Facts About Foster Care

Those who do not have direct contact with the foster care system often know little about it. Aside from its portrayal in certain TV programs, the foster care system is often all but forgotten by the general public. Here are 8 interesting facts about foster care that may just make you want to know more.


Most Children Stay In The System For About 3 Years

This figure changes over time but most children seem to stay within the foster care system for nearly 3 years before they return to their families of origin or are placed with new families. This is not always the case, however, as 20% of children don’t get out of the system until more than 5 years has gone by.


Children Have About 3 Different Placements On Average

This is just the average but even it is upsetting. Moving from one home to another puts great stress on children and 3 different homes on average is a tremendous amount of stress. There are children who are far above this average and who have been placed in 20 or 30 different homes.


Each Year 20,000 Children Never Leave The System

There are many children each year who never make it out of the foster care system. Instead, they remain in it until they are too old to qualify for foster care. Each year 20,000 children fall into this category as those who never get to leave the system.


30% Of The Homeless Have Been In Foster Care

This is an astounding fact that few realize. In America, 30% of the homeless have been in foster care before. Clearly, the parallel that is being drawn here is not a positive one and does not speak well of the state of the foster care system.


25% Of People In Prison Have Been In Foster Care

This is another indication that the foster care system may not adequately prepare individuals for the real world. It is true that 25% of those in prison have spent time in the foster care system. Figures like these do not happen by accident.


The Average Age Of Foster Children Is 10

It can be hard for many who do not have direct experience with the foster care system to conceptualize the situation or the children in the system but this should help. The average age of children in the foster care system is 10. This means that half of these children are either 10 years old or younger than that.

Social Workers Have A High Turnover Rate

Given the stress of this profession it is not surprising that there is a high turnover rate for social workers but the fact that this rate is over 20% is shocking. That’s extremely high for any profession. But dealing with the challenges hinted at by the above facts understandably can lead social workers to burnout.


Social Workers Have Too Many Cases

It probably doesn’t surprise you that social workers have too many cases. The usually recommended number of cases for a social worker is about 17. Many social workers have 3 or 4 times that many cases.

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