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Deodorant or antiperspirant?

My sister wants me to try this deodorant she just started using. I’ve told her repeatedly that I hate using something that is not also an antiperspirant! I hate to sweat! She gave me a container of the brand she is using, and told me that it is all natural. I understand that she likes things to be all-natural, and I’m fine with that, but if it doesn’t stop me from sweating, I don’t want to use it! I don’t know how else to explain it to her. What would you do?

Super Cute Homemade Little Girls Dress

One of Ladybug’s friends wore the cutest little dress to school yesterday. Her mom made it all by hand. She said that she just looked at a picture and tried to match it the best she could. My favorite part about the dress are the straps. They are not your ordinary straps.

Instead of connecting in the front and back they are only attached in the front. I guess they are somewhat like a halter dress straps. Anyway, you don’t tie them like a halter dress but I suppose you could. There is a hole in the back to feed them through. Then once through the hole you tie the straps into a big bow. I thought it was absolutely adorable!

Sometimes when I see creative things like that I wonder why I never thought of doing something like that. It kind of makes me want to get a sewing machine and learn how to sew. I would love to be able to make new outfits for Ladybug all of time. I know she would love having something new and especially if she helped me pick out the patterns and materials. I bet I could find a decently priced sewing machine on Craigslist instead of investing a bunch of money into something I’m not sure I will really stick with.

Easy Hairstyles for Little Girls Needed

This morning when I was getting Lady Bug ready for school I sighed as I put her hair up I the exact same style I do most every day. She never complains about her hair but she doesn’t get much of a variety in her hair styles either.

Most days her hair is put up in two half pony tails to keep her hair out of her face. I’ll braid the pony tails if we have time on occasion. I’ve also tried doing french pig tails but she doesn’t have the patience to sit still while I do that to her hair. She’s let me give her braided pig tails which are cute.

I need some easy hairstyles for little girls that I can do on her that don’t take much time at all. By that I mean I can be done in less than 5 minutes or less. Neither of us are much of morning people so we don’t have much time to get ready once we do get up in the morning. I’d love to have a few more styles I can do to her hair so it doesn’t get boring and she can be excited about her and what we do with it each day. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Mommy Daughter Manicures & Pedicures

Ladybug and I gave each other manicures today. I let her pick out whatever color she wanted to use. We used her new Strawberry Shortcake nail polish set. She painted my nails the light bright pink and put yellow polk-a-dots. I let her use one of my dotting tools to add the little polk-a-dot shapes. She had soo much fun that she asked if she could do my toes too! She painted my toes dark pink and put green dots on the corner of each nail. She’s soo creative. This isn’t the normal polish designs I could wear to work so good thing it’s a holiday weekend.

When I went to paint her toes she kept giggling because the toe separates were tickling her feet. It took me awhile to get her to settle down but eventually she did. I painted her toes the dark pink color and added light oink flowers with a yellow center. Her fingers were done in the light pink color with green polk-a-dots. We had soo much fun painting each others’ fingers and toes that I think we might make this a regular mommy daughter date at least once a month.

Pampering Myself

After work yesterday I decided to pamper myself a bit. I went to the nail salon and got a manicure and a pedicure. I’ve been wearing a lot of open toe shoes and sandals lately and my feet really needed some extra tender love and care. I love sitting in the massaging chair and relaxing as my feet soak in the warm bubbly water. It feels great when the massage my feet and calves. Sometimes I wish I could bring that chair and the manicurist home with me.

Today I got a holiday design on my toes. I got a variation of a french manicure.  I had them paint my toe nails red white and blue, with stars and stripes. They look absolutely amazing. As for my finger nails, I always have them done in the traditional French manicure. I think it looks the most professional and never clashes with any of my clothes.