Capture Special Moments With Disposable Wedding Cameras

You are sure to busy and caught up with many things on your special day. We’ve all heard there are three sides to every story. How about having a chance to see your whole event from someone else’s perspective? A great way not to miss out on all of the exciting moments of your big day is to pass out disposable wedding cameras at your wedding or reception.

You could give a camera to each guest or maybe set a few out at each table at the wedding reception. Your friend and family are sure to capture moments that you might have never had a chance to see had you not given them all camera to use. It could even be fun to give some camera to the children in attendance. They always seem to find things that adults miss.

Disposable wedding cameras come in a variety of styles from your standard plain to others than can compliment the decor of your wedding reception. You don’t  have to limit them to use solely at your reception either. How about sharing them at other important events along the way, like the bachelor or bachelorette party, the rehearsal dinner, or even the bridal shower.

At the end of the events leave a collection basket to collect all of the cameras. Then, drop them off at your local developers and wait to see all of the exciting images your friends and family caught on film.