Monthly Archives: January 2013

Mid Season TV Breaks Are Over

I’m so excited that the mid season winter tv breaks are going to be over. I’ve been dying to see some of my favorite shows and catch up on the story of my favorite characters.  I’m also excited to start watching the New Episode of Merlin.  That show has not been on air since this past summer I believe. I was going through withdrawals.

Over the past month or so I have been forced to watch reruns of shows on Netflix. In a way I actually used it as an opportunity to watch shows that I never watched before. I did the same thing during the summer too. I watched every season of Lost because I never watched a single episode while it aired. I also watched Drop Dead Diva which was pretty good. It was a funny legal comedy. This Winter I’ve been watching My Boys. I been rather enjoying this show actually. It’s has a very laid back and funny group of friends and just seems to relax me when I turn it on.

What do you do during the off season of your favorite television shows? Do you watch the reruns as they air or do you use that time to spend with family? Or, do you watch shows that you have never watched before like I have been doing?