Leaves, Leaves Everywhere

It’s that time of year when the leaves turn colors and start to fall from the branches.  Every Fall I love seeing all of the colors from the yellows, golds, oranges, and even reds.  It warms my heart to see every year.  I like taking a drive with Ladybug just to see all of the leaves this time of year.

Right now there are a million leaves in our yard.  I really am not a fan of raking them, just looking at them.  I wonder if there is a kid on our street that I could pay to come rake up all of these leaves.  And then, what would be a fair wage to give him or her?  Maybe I can put a sign up in our yard advertising the job and see if anyone stops by.

I know Ladybug would love to play in the leaves before they are all gone.  Maybe I’ll take some time to rake them up into a big pile so we can jump in them and make a big mess again.  That’s always one of the fun things with the leaves this time of year.   I bet a leaf blower could be  a  lot of fun too!  Hmmm, now I want to look in to prices of leaf blowers.  It could be a toy and a gardening tool.  I could justify that.